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High Bias

Listening with extreme prejudice

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Anybody , Moderated
This community is the adjunct to the music reviews website High Bias. (For more on HB and its mission in life, click here.) High Bias was created by a music fanatic for other fanatics. Anyone is welcome to join in the discussions, but keep in mind that we're probably going to geek out like crazy.

The rules are the same as in any other community.

1. IF YOU WANT TO POST, BECOME A MEMBER. Anyone can comment, but to post new topics you must become a member of LiveJournal. (This doesn't mean you have to keep an online diary.) Once you're a member, you can post about any music-related topic you like.

Reviews, however, are a different matter. If you want to post a review, it must be submitted to the editor. We're trying to maintain the same professional standards as on the main site, so your piece will require actual, y'know, editing. Plus this is a way of ensuring we don't have duplicate reviews. Feel free, however, to comment as much as you want on any reviews, even if you disagree. Hell, especially if you disagree.

2. STAY ON TOPIC. This isn't the place to talk about how good the beer at your local club is. It IS the place to discuss how good the performance was from the band you saw there last night, and if you toss in a comment about how much you enjoyed the ice-cold brew while being rocked, fine and dandy. If an earnest non-music discussion spins off due to the content of the original posting (i.e. talking about a political topic brought up in a song by the artist being gabbed about), that's more than cool. Commentary about freedom of expression or speech works because it's directly related to any discussion of art. But don't start any topics not in line with the main mission of the site. There are plenty of other places on the web for that.

3. RESPECT OTHERS' OPINIONS. Feel free to tell us how much you disagree with any posting, especially if you're pointing out a factual error. But be respectful of the original poster when you do it. There's no need for name-calling or finger-pointing. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't make the poster an idiot.

By the same token, if someone disagrees with your posting or comment, that doesn't make him or her Satan. We want healthy debates here, not flame wars. Keep your temper and don't take anything too personally.

4. PLAY NICE. We don't want to be censors, but we won't tolerate flouting of any of the rules above. We reserve the right to delete any posts at our discretion. If you want to know why your post or comment was axed, ask us.

We would really, REALLY prefer not to ban anyone, ever. But if you fuck with us, we'll bring the hammer down. We'll warn you first, of course, but if the behavior doesn't change, we won't hesitate.

Your moderators are mtoland (editor-in-chief of the main site) and orangepaisley. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. As noted above, if you want to submit a review, please e-mail mtoland. Don't bother orangepaisley with it; she's got enough to do.