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The New Heathens - Heathens Like Me

Heathens Like Me
(New Heathens)
Like the Faces if Rod Stewart sang all of Ronnie Lane’s songs, the New Heathens give rootsy rock & roll a good kick in the tuchis without dumbing it down. On Heathens Like Me, the NYC quintet balances earthy grit and accessible melodies better than just about anybody running around the fringes of No Depression right now. Nate Schweber’s wordy, literate tunes and scratchy, soulful voice define the band; the musicians rock and roll perfectly well, but it’s definitely Schweber’s show. Whether rocking on “141,” “Getaway Baby” and a cover of the Yayhoos’ “For Cryin’ Out Loud,” crooning on “Kansas Romeo,” “Doomed Generation” and “When She’s Wasted” or tweaking noses with “Back to Jesus,” the New Heathens connect with emotional truths and all-American hooks. Simply excellent. Michael Toland

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