mtoland (mtoland) wrote in highbias,

The Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road

Revolution Road
(Think Tank Media)
Progressive rock has very few standard bearers (at least in comparison to other genres), and even fewer of those are truly standouts. The Rocket Scientists is one of those bands, and it’s a pleasure to finally see a new record. Apparently, a lot of material built up since 1999’s Oblivion Days, as Revolution Road contains two CDs’ worth of melodic prog. The band is at its best when it balances singer/guitarist Mark McCrite’s penchant for psychedelic pop with keyboardist Erik Norlander’s epic analog soundscapes, as in “Enjoy the Weather” and “Better View,” with Norlander’s widescreen arrangements and keyboard solos offset by McCrite’s initimacy. (Stick bassist Don Schiff makes important contributions as well.) A few of the more bombastic songs feature David McBee, a traditional hard rock wailer of the Glenn Hughes school, but his vocals border on irritating. The Rocket Scientists prefer serving the song to virtuoso overload, and Revolution Road is as fine a collection of tunes as they’ve ever created. Michael Toland
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