mtoland (mtoland) wrote in highbias,

Gaucho Gil - The Ballad of Gaucho Gil

The Ballad of Gaucho Gil
A new project featuring notables from Los Angeles’ roots rock underground, Gaucho Gil presents good old-fashioned tunesmithery on The Ballad of Gaucho Gil. Singer/songwriters Jerry Giddens (erstwhile leader of the long-suffering Walking Wounded) and Michael Packard, instrumentalists Chris Lawrence, Luis Ruiz and Dale Daniels and producer Dusty Wakeman don’t fool around here—crap gets cut in favor of just presenting the songs in all their melodic and heartfelt glory. Giddens’ “Wrapped in the Rain,” “The Sky Shook Blue” and “Shine” sound like a more rock-informed version of Tom Russell, while Packard’s “Holiday Inn” and “Drive Me Home Louise” testify how well dry, dusty country rock can work. The album kicks off with Giddens’ soulful interpretation of “Santa Cruz,” written by lawyer-turned-folksinger David Rodriguez, setting the standard of quality the rest of the record gladly follows. The Ballad of Gaucho Gil is one you’ll happily hum. Michael Toland
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