mtoland (mtoland) wrote in highbias,

black tape for a blue girl - Remnants of a Deeper Purity

Remnants of a Deeper Purity
Remnants of a Deeper Purity, the breakthrough album by unclassifiable ensemble black tape for a blue girl, turns ten this year. To celebrate, black tape leader/Projekt majordomo Sam Rosenthal presents this 10th anniversary edition, with a remastered album and an extra disk of rarities, remixes and alternate versions. This is the album on which black tape’s fusion of electronics and strings, Gothic pop and classical art song, really coalesced into something outside the parameters of what had come before in the dark music arena. “Wings Tattered, Fallen,” “With My Sorrows” and the title track mix melancholic sentiments with ethereal beauty into a shimmering atmosphere that cultivates the lovely dawn after a night of heavy drinking. The centerpiece of the album is the nearly half-hour long “For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon the Sun,” which scans like a black metal anthem, but is instead a quietly meditative piece that nurses the anger over a broken heart with black coffee instead of sulfuric acid. Proof that musical catharsis doesn’t require screaming and distortion to be effective.

The second disk has a lovely arrangement of an old Sephardic tune called “En La Mar Ay Una Torre,” some instrumental remixes and, best of all, some live tracks, just in case anyone thought this music was studiobound. Michael Toland
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